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2/11/20 - How Geo-political events like a War with Iran and CoronoVirus epidemic may affect the markets

2/18/2020 – Ways the Cyber fraud can Jeopardize your financial plans

2/25/2020 – What to keep…Records Retention Guidelines

3/3/2020 – The money moves retirees wished they had not made

3/10/2020 - Estate Planning checklist for the 2020 Election

3/17/2020 - Old Age is made up…Baby boomers will lead a revolt

3/24/2020 - Annuities? Strategy VS Product?

3/31/2020 – Did you get your share of the $125 million fund fee reimbursement?

4/7/2020 – How the “Stretch IRA” Strategy can save you money

4/14/2020 - How to manage a Successful Family Business Transition   

Topics subject to change based on current market conditions and Geo-political events.